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I normally submit photos to the Great Lakes Photo contest run by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. This year the title of the calendar has been changed to Wisconsin’s Great Waters Calendar and reflects photos from the Mississippi River. For the first time all three of my submissions were included in this year’s calendar.

Apostle Islands Sea Cave

This is a part of the Apostle Islands sea caves located near Cornucopia, Wisconsin. Linda and I and Linda’s two sisters booked a trip out to the sea caves with Good Earth Outfitters of Cornucopia. We had visited the caves many times during the winter when they are known as the Apostle Islands Ice Caves but we had never visited them in the summer. This was one of the first shots I took on the trip.

Trempealeau Mountain

Perrot State Park is one of our favorite spring and fall destinations. On this fall trip we hit it just right when the fall colors were at their peak. Trempealeau Mountain sits in the backwaters of the Mississippi River near Trempealeau, Wisconsin. This view is from Brady’s Bluff Trail.

 Northern Pacific Ore Dock Number 1

This is a decommissioned ore dock that can be seen in Superior, Wisconsin. This was taken late one fall afternoon when the late afternoon light was directly on the ore docks.

We had driven over to Cornucopia to meet some friends. While we were waiting for them to arrive I walked over and photographed some old fishing boats that are on display by the beach.


Ruby and Twin Sisters


Twin Sisters


Siskiwit Falls is a small waterfall just outside of Cornucopia, Wisconsin on highway C toward Washburn. Turn left on Siskiwit Falls road and drive a few hundred feet to the falls.Siskiwit-Falls-13-11-_0094


I have two photos appearing in the 2013-2014 Wisconsin’s Great Lakes Calendar. This first photo shows a sled dog team at the start of the Apostle Islands Sled Dog Race. This is one of my favorite sled dog races because you can get so close to the race, it has a large number of teams and it is an out and back race so you can see the teams start and return later in the day to see the teams return. More photos from the Apostle Islands Sled Dog Race can be found on my website.

Off and Racing

Off and Racing

This photo is of one of the retired fishing vessels displayed near the harbor in Cornucopia, Wisconsin. More photos of the retired boats of Cornucopia can be found on my website.

Fishing Boat

Fishing Boat