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I noticed on the Marine Tracker that the American Century was going to be arriving in Duluth late in the day so my wife and I walked down Canal Park to watch it come in.



It was a beautiful evening so we hung around the waterfront. As we were about to leave we heard the alarm sound indicating the bridge was going up. This time the Cason J. Callaway was coming out of the harbor. As we walked over to watch the ship come through the harbor we had a beautiful view of the sun setting over the western Hills.

Cason J. Callaway Duluth Minnesota 15-11-_6516


We were just leaving after watching the Callaway go under the Duluth Lift Bridge when we noticed another ship heading for the Ship Canal. The third ship was the US Coast Guard Cutter Alder which is based in Duluth. It was starting to get dark but I managed a few shots of the Alder as it sailed through the Ship Canal.



I was happy to see that I had a couple of photos included in the current Calendar but was appalled to see that one of them was close to a photo of our Idiot governor.

The firs photo was taken at Amnicon Falls State Park under ideal water conditions. Unfortunately it was a sunny day which makes waterfall photography difficult. Fortunately I had just purchased a variable neutral density filter which allowed me to photograph the falls at a slower speed even under sunny conditions.

Now and Then Falls Amnicon Falls State Park

Now and Then Falls Amnicon Falls State Park

The photo of the Coast Guard Cutter Alder was taken during the bitter winter of 2013-14. We were returning from our final visit of the season to the Apostle Islands Ice Caves when we notice on our Marine Tracker that the Alder was out in Lake Superior. This was the first ice breaking trip of the year for the Alder through the Wisconsin Point Entry.  Little did they know that it would be a very long time before ice breaking ended for the season. We tracked the Alder as it sailed out into the lake so we drove out to Wisconsin Point to see if we could photograph it when it returned to the harbor. We waited for quite a while but it didn’t return so we started back to Duluth. Just as we were leaving Wisconsin Point I made a final check of the Marine Tracker and noticed that it was on its way back into the harbor so we turned around and were lucky to get this photo.

Coast Guard Cutter Alder

Coast Guard Cutter Alder

Last week we drove up to Duluth, Minnesota for a short visit. On the way up I was watching the Coast Guard Cutter Alder break ice in the Duluth/Superior Harbor. Most of the time it was working clearing the ice in the St. Louis River. As we neared the Blatnick Bridge in Superior I noticed that it had moved its operations down by the Gavilon Grain Docks so we turned off by Frazier Shipyards to see if we could find it. Just about then it started moving toward the Superior Entry.Coast-Guard-Cutter-Alder-at-Wisconsin-Point-14-3-_1411

We quickly headed back to Wisconsin Point to see if we could get a shot of it exiting the harbor. When we arrived it was standing just inside the entry attempting to break ice. Apparently the ice in this area was really thick. You could tell that it was having a tough time because every time it started to ram the ice the two diesel engines started belching smoke.Coast-Guard-Cutter-Alder-at-Wisconsin-Point-14-3-_1439

I took some photos of it before it started heading back down the Harbor toward Duluth. There were a couple of other photographers attempting to get photos but the snow was so deep they couldn’t get down the breakwater. Fortunately I was light enough so that I could walk on the crust.Coast-Guard-Cutter-Alder-at-Wisconsin-Point-14-3-_1441