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After hiking from Miners Beach to Mosquito Beach  and back we decided to drive into town and see if we could get tickets to the sunset tour of Pictured Rocks. This is the best time to view the Pictured Rocks coastline because the late afternoon sun brigs out the vibrant colors on the rocks. We had a couple of choices. A ride in a smaller boat that went out as far as Chapel Beach or a ride in a larger boat that went out to Spray Falls. We took the latter. It was a great trip on a beautiful day. The fall colors along the shore were not yet at their peak but strong winds had bringing down the leaves. Two days before our trip there had been a storm come through causing 18 foot waves along the coast.

The first stop is the East Channel Lighthouse on Grand Island.

Bridal Falls is the first thing you see on the tour along Pictured Rocks. Normally this time of year it would not be flowing but heavy rains had most of the streams running with lots of water.

Miners Castle. This is where we took some great sunset photos the evening before the boat tour.

The colored rocks are what the Lakeshore is named after.

This shows one of the trails down to Mosquito Beach. We spent a wild day out on the rocks in the foreground one day when the waves were really pounding the shoreline.

Indian Head Point with the evening light shining directly onto it.

Chapel Rock consists of a small pillar with a tree growing on top. The tree roots extend over a void to land.

Spray Falls with lots of water flowing. We were starting to loose the direct sunlight at this point.

The ride back was spectacular as sunset approached.



You know when you reach Chapel Beach because you see Chapel Rock at the end of the trail.


We walked down to the beach to photograph a waterfall that flows into Lake Superior. Several years ago we were on the Beach when a strong storm hit. My wife had put here pack down on a sandbar and the sudden storm created strong waves that almost washed out into the lake. On this day things were quiet.


I spend a little time photographing objects along the beach including some footprints that I hopped was a large dog.




We took one last look at the Beach before heading out on the Lakeshore Trail to the Mosquito River.


More photos from Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore can be found on my website.