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You know when you reach Chapel Beach because you see Chapel Rock at the end of the trail.


We walked down to the beach to photograph a waterfall that flows into Lake Superior. Several years ago we were on the Beach when a strong storm hit. My wife had put here pack down on a sandbar and the sudden storm created strong waves that almost washed out into the lake. On this day things were quiet.


I spend a little time photographing objects along the beach including some footprints that I hopped was a large dog.




We took one last look at the Beach before heading out on the Lakeshore Trail to the Mosquito River.


More photos from Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore can be found on my website.

When we are in the Pictured Rocks we generally like to hike a loop trail that starts from the Chapel Beach Trail head, Connects with the Lakeshore Trail and then return to the trail head via Mosquito Falls Trail. Our first stop on the trail is usually Chapel Falls. This is an impressive falls with opportunities for intimate photographs of parts of the falls.




One thing we saw a lot of on our three trips to the U.P. of Michigan were mushrooms. The very wet summer and fall proved to be an excellent year for them.



There was not a lot of color along the trail. Fall colors were unusually late this year. This area is spectacular in the spring when the flowers are out.


More photos from Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore can be found on my website.