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We were up early to catch the train to Kalmar, Sweden. Unfortunately we were forced to miss the great breakfast at the hotel and had to settle for something at the Central Train Station.
On our way to Kalmar we traveled over some of the territory covered in the late great Swedish crime author Henning Mankell. It was fun to see the land described in his books.
We arrived in Kalmar mid afternoon and soon headed out to explore the town. We walked over to the Södra Kyrkogården and then on to Kalmar Castle.

It was a beautiful spring afternoon and young people were taking in the sun around the castle fortifications.

We were able to get a quick look at the Kalmar Castle Chapel just before a wedding was to take place.

There was a display of the Medici Family in the castle and we spent most of our time walking through this display.

The castle was closing so we went outside and walked around the fortifications.

I was able to capture a little wildlife as we walked around the castle grounds.

Black-headed Gull

Hooded Crow


We then walked around looking for Old Town and finally found it after a couple of false starts.

We had a bit to eat before heading out again for a walk along the waterfront.

As we neared the end of the waterfront we found The Cavalier Town Gate.

We then walked over to Stortoget where the Kalmar Cathedral is located.

As we wandered past the old fortifications we encountered this water tower. We concluded that it had been turned into apartments. I Imagine the residents have a great view of the city and harbor.

We ended up back at Larmtorget where the New freemasonry hotel was located. Note the Ben & Jerry’s.

We finally decided to call it a day.