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We happened to be in Duluth when the North Shore Scenic Railroad Steam Train was running. We encountered it a number of times and at various locations. We noticed it when we were in the Duluth Rose Garden and could see the smoke as it was leaving the depot. We happened to be in Two Harbors and could see the smoke as the train made its way up from Duluth. It was around noon so we drove down to the Depot and arrived just before the train was pulling in. As we watched the train and all of the pollution it produced we could only imagine what Duluth was like when all of the trains were burning coal and most of the houses were heated with coal.

We happened to be in Canal park on several occasions when the steam train passed through. In the first photo is is going backwards. There is no turntable anymore so the train pulls the cars as it heads north and then pulls them as it returns to Duluth.

A few photographs of the sunrise shot from Canal Park in Duluth, Minnesota.

North Breakwater Light Duluth Minnesota

North Breakwater Light Duluth Minnesota

North Breakwater Light Duluth Minnesota

North Breakwater Light Duluth Minnesota

Waterfront Plaza Marina Duluth Minnesota

Waterfront Plaza Marina Duluth Minnesota

With the heavy surf on Lake Superior I thought it would be fun to try using my variable neutral density filter to see if I could slow the shutter speed down to create a different look. In spite of the fact that it was a bright sunny day the filter did a great job and I managed to get some interesting shots.




As I mentioned in yesterdays blog there were some large waves on Lake Superior over the weekend. This is a shot of the waves hitting s line of rocks just offshore.


The waves were so large that they were coming over the Lakewalk.


The waves were so large that they exposed the pillar that had fallen into the lake earlier in the year. When it fell in it turned upside down and you can see the wood foundation sticking out of the water between the swells.


After photographing the waves coming over the breakwater I walked along the lakewalk. There were a bunch of kids on the lakewalk waiting to get hit by the waves.


I spent a couple of very cold mornings photographing the sunrise at Canal Park on the Duluth, Minnesota waterfront. It has been quite some time since I have seen the sunrise at Canal Park. The last time was late October of last year. Every time we have been in Duluth since then it has been cloudy out.


I didn’t see anyone else on the Lakewalk which is very unusual for Duluth. People are usually out walking early in the morning regardless of how cold it is.


This is a sunrise shot of the Cribs sans the pillar that fell down about a month ago.


More photos from Canal Park can be found on my Website.

The day after the big waves in Duluth Harbor I walked along the beach photographing the ice that had been driven up onto the beach. The large waves had thrown large chunks of ice on the hotel side of the Lakewalk.





It had been raining in Duluth, Minnesota for almost a week and I had been under the weather so I hadn’t gotten out much. I noticed the Presque Isle was going to be leaving port. It was still raining out but thanks to the sky-walk system in Duluth I was able to walk down to the harbor in comfort. I was able to watch the Presque Isle make the turn for the Lift Bridge while still in the DECC. I walked over to the Lift Bridge to take a few photos of the ship leaving the harbor.


That’s when I heard the roar of the waves hitting the beach. When I reached the beach I noticed that the strong winds had blown ice from the lake into shore and the high waves were coming over the breakwater. When the waves hit the shore the water was way above the breakwater. The water would fall onto the breakwater then chunks’ of ice would fall out of the sky. It was a little dangerous because some of the ice chunks were as big as softballs.

Uncle Harvey’s Mausoleum-

Uncle Harvey’s Mausoleum


While we were watching the Whitefish Bay leave the Duluth Harbor we heard a noise but couldn’t place it. Turned out someone was flying a drone over the harbor entrance. It had a GoPro on board. It was entertaining to watch but I’m not sure it will be appreciated if many people are flying them around.



I spent quite a bit of time in Canal Park last weekend photographing a wide variety of things.  I watched the John G. Munson leave the harbor. There was a large crowd in Canal Park watching the ships this past weekend. The most people I’ve seen since last summer at the Tall Ship Festival.John G. Munson 14-8-_0524

A popular pastime is sitting on the benches in the park and watching the kids chase the gulls and pigeons in the park.Chasing-Birds-in-Canal-Park-14-8-_0546

I happened to notice these star reflections in the harbor and managed to capture a nice photo of them.Star-Reflections-14-8-_0454

Recently I was photographing the sunrise in Duluth, Minnesota’s Canal Park when I notice some nice reflections in the Ship Canal. This is a frequent photography location and landpools are a favorite subject of my but for some reason I have never taken any photographs of the Aerial Lift Bridge or the South Breakwater Inner Light reflected in the Ship Canal.Ship-Canal-Reflections-14-6-_5009

The above shot appeared in on the Duluth Daily Photo website a few days ago.Ship-Canal-Reflections-14-6-_5000

I was photographing the reflections when a Double-crested Cormorant popped up in the middle of the photo. The Cormorant had been fishing up and down the Ship Canal.Ship-Canal-Reflections-14-6-_4986

The next day I realized why I don’t have a lot of landpool photographs in the Ship Canal. The waves were so high that the water was flowing over the sides of the Ship Canal.

More photos from Canal Park can be found on my website.