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Tag Archives: Canadian Hill Farm

A few of the insects seen around the farm.

Golden-backed Snipe Fly

Flower Fly

Dusty Stink Bug


Orange Hawkweed is blooming on the farm.


The Eastern Bluebirds that build a nest outside my kitchen window have been hanging around waiting to start the family.

Occasionally Blue Jays will turn up at my feeder.


I’ve had a few Blue Jays hanging around my feeders this winter.

Downy Woodpeckers are some of my most frequent visitors to the bird feeders.


This Black-capped Chickadee was having a hard time of it in the wind and snow.

We have been gone most of the summer so I haven’t been feeding the hummingbirds. Shortly after returning I put up a couple of feeders. A couple of days later the hummingbirds started showing up. I took the opportunity to take a few photos.

A few of the things I photographed on the farm this week.


Milkweed Tiger Moth

Red Clover



Wild Basil

Wild Champion

We have been seeing about thirty birds flying around the yard at dusk. We thought they were swallows so we didn’t pay much attention. Last night I went out to take a closer look and determined they were not swallows. I grabbed the camera and tried to get some shots. It was difficult because of the low light and speed at which they were flying. I couldn’t figure out what they were but when I looked at the photos I determined it was a gathering of Night Hawks. First time I have seen anything like this.