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Just about every year we try to drive out to Wisconsin Point to Photograph the lighthouse when the sun rises from behind the lighthouse. We made the trip again this year. We arrived well before sunrise so we stopped to photograph the Burlington Northern Ore Docks that were lit up. The Roger Blough was at the docks loading Taconite. I was very surprised to find there were no mosquitoes around.

We then drove back to the road that leads to the south breakwater where the lighthouse is located. I walked out to the beach for a photo before sunrise. As it turned out the best color was well before sunrise.

I decided to walk along the beach between the south and north breakwater photographing from various locations along the way. My wife drove the car over to the north breakwater parking lot to meet me.

I then walked out on the north breakwater to watch the sun rise.

When I turned around to leave I notice the beach was glowing in the sunrise.

I walked back along the breakwater to photograph the abandon Burlington Northern Ore Docks.

As I turned to leave I notice some small rocks on the breakwater. The sun had cast a long shadow.


I visited Wisconsin Point on many occasions but this trip was the first one where I’ve seen a ship leaving the harbor. I had been at the Point to watch the sunrise. After photographing the sun rise I walked toward the harbor and noticed a ship was loading Taconite at the Burlington Northern Ore Docks. According to the Duluth Shipping News Algolake and it was scheduled to depart but it was still in the docks. I decided to leave and walked back to the car. Just as I was getting in the car I noticed that the Algolake was starting to exit the ore docks. I quickly walked back to the harbor entrance and photographed it as it was leaving the harbor. Algolake-13-7-_0732