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I’ve heard about people surfing in the winter in Duluth but had never seen it. As we were driving past Brighton Beach as we entered Duluth there was a big crowd along the beach with surfers in the water. There were also a couple of folks with Kayaks in the water. It was really cold with a 25 mph wind blowing and the temperatures hoovering just above freezing. I had a difficult time holding the camera steady because I was shivering so badly. I can just imagine how much fun it was being out in the lake. I only saw a couple of the surfers catch a wave and the ride was really short.


We were heading out of Duluth, Minnesota toward the North Shore when we pulled into Brighton Beach to check on the ice conditions. There was some nice ice piled up along the shore but what struck me as interesting was the pavilion and swing set waiting for spring against the stark landscape.




I woke up about an hour before sunrise to drive down to Brighton Beach in Duluth, Minnesota to photograph the sunrise. The weather report the night before said cold but clear weather. As I drove out of the garage I noticed it was snowing. I thought about turning around but since I was already up I continued on to Brighton Beach.Brighton-Beach-Sunrise-14-3-_1162

I could see lights out on the ice which meant the ice fisherman were already out on the ice. I could also see a sliver of clear sky on the far horizon so there was hope for at least a brief sunrise.Brighton-Beach-Sunrise-14-3-_1087

As I walked on onto the ice I noticed that the cracks were about five times wider than they were the day before. Never-the-less ice fisherman were streaming out onto the ice. Some of them were going way out onto the ice.Brighton-Beach-Sunrise-14-3-_1114

This past week we drove down to Brighton Beach in Duluth to photograph some of the ice. I would have like to capture it with a nice sunrise but there was no sunrise but there were some nice clouds.Brighton-Beach-Ice-14-1-_0450

When we drove into the area we notice a truck that was blocking the road to the north east end of the beach so we parked and photographed along the shore. We also encounter another photographer that was stuck in the parking lot but were not able to get her out. A little cat litter would have worked wonders.Brighton-Beach-Ice-14-1-_0458

As I walked along the beach I noticed a police car and several other cars driving into the blocked off area. We later learned that a young man had committed suicide by walking into the lake. The found his wallet and car keys on the ice and later found his body in lake.Brighton-Beach-Ice-14-1-_0452