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After leaving Amnicon Falls State Park we drove over to Pattison State Park. Our first stop was at Little Manitou Falls.

We then drove down to Big Manitou Falls. This is the fourth highest waterfall east of the Rocky Mountains.

The face of the Pattison Falls Dam always makes for an interesting photo because of the water colors.

Pattison Falls Dam

I love photographing water patterns. They make for great subjects in northern Wisconsin because the tannin in the water gives it a brown color.

The wild flowers were out in great numbers throughout the park.

Orange Hawkweed

Canada Hawkweed


Blue Flag Iris


I was a raining morning when we drove over to Pattison State Park. We had business in Superior and Pattison is just a short drive out of town. Our first stop was Big Manitou Falls. It is the fourth highest waterfall east of the Mississippi.

We then drove on to Little Manitou Falls.

This is a shot of Dam below Interfalls Lake. It almost looks like the water is interlaced with gold.

Just below the dame the Black River flows under a foot bridge.

The Orange Hawkweed were blooming in the park.

When visiting the Ironwood, Michigan area in the fall I love to drive down to the Black River Harbor to photograph the fall reflections in the water. These were taken on previous visits.



This year it was difficult to photograph the reflections because the fall colors were a couple of weeks behind normal and there was so much water running in the river that it created a lot of foam. As a result I spent most of my time photographing the foam patterns as the foam floated down the river.






We  took a quick trip this past weekend up to northern Wisconsin and the U,P. of Michigan. The trees from Superior to Ashland are a couple of weeks away. There had been heavy rains and Lake Superior was brown from the silt in the water. From Ashland to Hurley the trees started to turn more. The Hurley, Ironwood area will be at their peak this week. The first stop was along the Black River. The Black River was had some of the best color I’ve seen in the area an there was lots of water in the river.

Black River

The Gile Flowage south of Hurley on 51 had some fantastic color.

Gile Flowage

The best stop of the weekend was at Copper Peak. We took the Adventure tour up the chair lift, rode the elevator to the top and then walked the rest of the way to the top of the ski jump. The colors were unbelievable . If you are ever in the Ironwood, Michigan area   during peak color I would suggest making the trip up the Ski Jump. The views are fantastic and you would help bring back ski flying to the U.P.

View from Copper Peak

Copper Peak Ski Jump