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Blaafarveværket or the Blue Color Works was cobalt mining and industrial company operated from 1776 to 1898. Today is is a large open air museum and art gallery. It is noted as the largest and best preserved mine museum in Europe. We had been reading about it during our stay in Oslo and my wife had spent considerable time trying to figure out how to get to Blaafarveværket using public transportation. She never succeed. During a visit to her cousins summer cabin we mentioned that we had not figured out how to make the trip. It turns out that several of the relatives had never visited it either so they planned a trip and invited us along. Several days later we took a train to the nearest town and they picked us up in their car. Once we arrived we realized that this is a place that you probably want to drive to because the complex is scattered over a wide area.

When we arrived we dropped several cousins off at the picnic area and then continued on to the mine. There are a number of different mine tours. We did not take the most strenuous but the tour did give us a good overall picture of the mining operation. Tours were offered in English so we took the English tour. Our tour guide was an older gentlemen and he was funny and very good.

While we were waiting for the mine tour to start we walked through some of the buildings on the mine site. They were filled with tools that were used in the mining operation.

We dressed warm because it was going to be cool in the mine. It was a warm day so my wife was welcoming the cool are coming out of the mine entrance.

While they no longer mine cobalt they do use the mine to cure cheese.

After touring the mine we returned to main tourist area where we had a picnic before touring some of the buildings and gift shops.

We then walked up along the river where we encountered some beautiful views of the surrounding area and the waterfalls.

It was a beautiful day and we were happy that we allowed a full day for the trip.

While we were visiting the mine we noticed a ski jump across the valley. It turned out to be Vikersundbakken where the worlds longest ski jump took place. We took a slight detour on the way back to check out the jump.