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We arrived in Delft in the middle of the afternoon yesterday and walked around a bit to try and get oriented. We had an early breakfast and walked over to the mainĀ  Plaza. We walked past a cheese store on the way. The Dutch do like their cheese ad do I.

More photos from Delft can be found on my website.

At one end of the Plaza is the New Church and the other end City Hall.

We found this Eurasian Coots nest with the adults feeding the young. As you can see they seem to make their nest out of anything that is handy.

Our destination was Delft Pottery where we wanted to take in the free tour. However, when we reached this set of stairs we lost our way and couldn’t figure out where Google Maps wanted us to go. There was a short walkway that didn’t go the way Google Maps wanted us to go. We finally gave up and headed back toward town using an alternative route.


A barge happen to come along just after we crossed the bridge.

We encountered a bride and groom standing at the edge of the canal.

A boat sailed down the canal past us.

This looks to be some type of pumper truck for septic or steam cleaning.

We wandered over to the Molen de Roos but it wasn’t open yet.

We finally made it back to City Center. I managed a photo of Linda at the Vermeer Museum.

We decided to walk over to the New Church and look around. We had purchased tickets that let us into a number of city landmarks. This is a shot of City Hall with a tourist taxi in the foreground.

We encountered the bride and groom again.

The New church was very impressive.

After touring the New Church we decided to walk over to the Old Church. I was confused regarding the churches because the Old Church looked newer than the New Church.

It was getting to be lunch time so we stopped by the Doppio Espresso for a little coffee and cake. It was very rich and very good.

We headed back to the city center and found the wedding party was still going on at City Hall.

At this point we decided we would give it another go to find the Delft Pottery. We noticed that it was located adjacent to the main canal through town so we walked over to the canal and decided to walk along it. On the way we encountered this horse carriage racing through town. We assumed it was heading for the City Hall to pick up the bride and groom.

We found the canal without any problems, probably because it flows through the entire town and is hard to miss.

The canal is large enough to support barge traffic.

We noticed a group of rowers getting ready to get some exercise. We watched for a while but they were a little slow to get started so we moved on.

There were quite a few Blue Herons along the canal. I was able to get quite close to this one. While we were walking along a man stopped and started talking Norwegian to my wife. She had her Norwegian cap on so he assumed she was Norwegian. She does speak Norwegian but it took a while to get her brain in Norwegian mode. The fellow loved Norway and was talking about his long stays.

A little farther down the canal the rowers caught up with us.

We encountered another barge coming down the canal. The bridge behind the barge is the same one we were at earlier in the morning and managed to get lost. As it turned out the steps coming down from the bridge seemed to come to a dead end, at least in the direction we were coming from. If we had just kept on walking back towards town we would have been able to cross over the road and take the path along the canal under the bridge. The Delft Pottery Shop was just a short walk from the bridge.

We also encountered the Villa Maria which is a grand old building. It appeared to be some form of Airbnb. Looked like it would be a great place to stay.

We were finally successful in finding the Delft Pottery Shop. We had to wait for a short time for the tour to begin. As it turned out a small group of artists from New York were also touring at the same time. We learned a lot more about pottery making because of the artists than my wife and I would have learned on our own. Neither of us has been involved in pottery making. The shop is a small unassuming building. They displayed some of the pottery they make.


We were able to watch the artists working on various pieces.

At the end there was a classroom setup so we could make something.

Of course there was the display room where we could purchase some products which we did.

Just after leaving the Delft Pottery we encountered a family of Egyptian Geese.

We retraced our steps back to the bridge where we got lost in the morning and then retraced our steps back to the Molen de Roos.

A couple of street scenes photographed along the way.

The Molen de Roos windmill is at one end of the main street in Delft.

It is a working windmill and is used to mill flower. My wife is an avid baker and really wanted to purchase flower from the mill but it would have been impossible to get it home.

We were able to walk to the top of the windmill and there were some outstanding views of the town.

The wheel is used to adjust the windmill so that it takes advantage of the prevailing winds.

As we neared the central station we noticed all of this cardboard. Apparently it was part of an art display. We walked past the same area early in the evening and saw that they were placing the display in the garbage trucks.

When we arrived at the train station we continued along the path and found ourselves at an underground bike parking area. This was amazing and it went on forever. In order to put a bike on the upper storage area a device pulls down so the bike can be loaded and then the user pushes it back up into storage position. The garage was full and there was additional storage outside. When we walked by there were bikers going in and out. I would have liked to go back during peak commuting time to see what kind of traffic there was.

Walking past the Central Station we found ourselves walking along the main shipping canal in Delft.

We found ourselves at the Royal Delft Pottery works. We didn’t think we needed another pottery tour.

We soon found ourselves in a rather nice residential area.

We found ourselves walking back toward the center of town. As we crossed over the shipping canal the bells started ringing indicating the bridge was going up. We almost got bridged. We decided to stick around and see what happens when the bridge blocks the streets. This was a very busy street for pedestrians and bicyclists. It wasn’t long and there was a long line of folks waiting to cross the bridge. No cars just people.

We followed one of the canals back toward the town center.

We ended up in the town square looking at the New Church. It was getting to be meal time and folks were gathering in the Plaza to eat. It was a relatively warm day. Most days in the Netherlands we wore that same clothes we wear during the winter in Wisconsin.

While we were eating we were also people watching.

After dinner we walked back to our hotel along the canals. It was another long day. It would have been interesting if we had kept track of how far we walked every day.