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Yesterday I attended the Big Bull Falls Barbeque Ribfest and the Balloon Rally and Glow in Wausau, Wisconsin. This was my first time at the balloon rally in Wausau. There were about a dozen balloons scheduled to be at the event. It is being held at the downtown airport in Wausau just off of business highway 51. The event will be going on through Saturday. In addition balloon rally, there will be a sidewalk art festival on Saturday. The International Canoe Federation’s 2012 Junior Canoe Slalom World Championship is being held this weekend at the Wausau Whitewater Park. Young paddlers from over thirty countries are participating in the event. A really big weekend for Wausau.

I arrived early so I could take in some of the other events being held at the same time. They were giving rides in an old biplane. A father and his young daughter were the first to take a ride. The daughter was all dress out in her aviator goggles and seemed to be excited to get a ride the other daughter seemed a little disappointed.

Biplane Passengers

Taking place at the same time as the balloon rally is The Big Bull Falls Barbeque Ribfest. There were about a half dozen places serving ribs during the evening. There were also rides for kids and a petting zoo.

Chicago BBQ

The main event and the reason I made the visit to Wausau was to attend the  Balloon Rally. I was a little concerned that the wind might be blowing a little too strongly but about 7:30 pm they started getting the balloons ready for launch. Some of the balloons had a large crew to help get the balloon ready while others just had a few. It took about a half an hour to get the balloons laid out and inflated. Here are a few shots from the evening.

Preparing Sea Fantasy

Inflating the Balloons

Balloon Inflation

Last Minute Passenger

Balloon Patterns

Sea Fantasy


Happy Face

More event photos can be found on my website.