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A week earlier I happened to be down at Canal Park when the Baie Comeau arrived in Duluth. The Baie Comeau the last of four Trillium Class self-unloading ships of the Canada Steamship Lines .Baie-Comeau-14-1-_0080 A week later my wife and I planned to go cross country skiing but it was -10 degrees with a additional wind chill so we decided to kill sometime in the morning by driving around Duluth and Superior looking for possible photo locations in the dock area. Our first stop was Rice’s Point Under the Blatnick Bridge. We walked out onto the old wooden Arrowhead Bridge which sticks out into the St. Louis River and took a few photos.Arrowhead-Bridge-14-1-_0464 Just as we were leaving we notice a tug boat upstream from Rice’s Point. It seemed to be working around a ship leaving the docks. We walked back to the car and drove to a better vantage point. There were two Heritage Marine tugs, the Helen H and Nels J, breaking ice and helping to turn the Baie Cameau.Baie-Comeau-14-1-_0465We watched for a while then drove back to the old Arrowhead Bridge where we could get some close-up photos of the tugs and the Baie Cameau as they navigated down the Saint Louis River under the Blatnick Bridge. The tugs were working hard to break up the ice ahead of the ship.Heritage-Marine-Tug-Nels-J-14-1-_0477 Baie-Comeau-14-1-_0963 Baie-Comeau-14-1-_0498 We then drove back down to Canal Park to watch the ship exit the harbor and sail out into Lake Superior. It was one of the last ships to leave port. The shipping season ended a few days later.Baie-Comeau-14-1-_0568

I drove down to Canal Park a few weeks ago to watch the Baie Comeau arrive in port. It was -26 with a wind chill that was even colder.Baie-Comeau-14-1-_0085

There were a few brave people around to watch the ship come into the harbor. Most of the folks weren’t aware there was a ship about to arrive until I told them. Unfortunately the fog was so thick that we weren’t able to see the ship until it reached the ship canal entrance.Baie-Comeau-14-1-_0086

The Baie Comeau was accompanied by a couple of Great Lakes tugs that would help it get through the ice to its dock.Baie-Comeau-and-Great-Lakes-Towing-Tug--14-1-_0098

Most of the ship canal as well as the harbor was covered in ice so when the Baie Comeau broke up the ice even more steam rose from the harbor.Baie-Comeau-14-1-_0107