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My feeders were full during a recent snowstorm.

Then all of a sudden the birds would take off.


We were out of town for a week and during our absence we had two major snow events the last on a full blown blizzard. When we arrived home it was clear we were not going to be able to get to the house.

Typically it takes about a half an hour to blow the driveway. Today it took two hours.


After waiting all winter for snow we finally have some. This was our first ski on the Red Cedar Trail on a nice snowy day.


With over 40 inches of snow in February it has become somewhat difficult to check the trail camera. I finally resorted to using my snowshoes that have been in storage for about 10 years.


The DNR suggests that the trail camera should be 24 inches above the ground. If we get much more snow it will be buried in the snow.

While I was out checking the camera a White-tailed deer came along. The snow was up to it’s belly. Things are starting to become difficult for the deer. The neighbor started putting hay out for them.




So far this winter we couldn’t buy a snowstorm. In the past week we have had two of them with two more on the way. The Northern Cardinals always show up when it snows. A photographer is never happy. This was a beautiful snow storm with it snowing all day and snow that was gently falling from the sky almost perfect conditions.  What makes the snow really pop is a background of White Pine trees. Unfortunately we had so much snow the day before and the trees were covered with snow and the background was almost white.


I have a few Hairy Woodpeckers at my feeders.

The last snowstorm brought a large number of House Sparrows to my feeders. For some reason I don’t like House Sparrows and would just a soon they don’t show up at my feeders. I had photographed birds on the farm for 15 years and never saw a House Sparrow. Apparently they stayed over at the neighbors farm. A couple of years ago they started showing up in large numbers. Earlier this fall I had removed some large evergreen trees from around the house and that seemed to discourage them from coming over. Unfortunately they recently started showing up again.


I have a pair of White-breasted Nuthatches turn up during the last snowstorm.



I have four Blue Jays that turn up at my feeder from time to time. They were not around during the firs snowstorm but did turn up during the second snowstorm.



I thought when I removed a bunch of the landscaping around the house that the chickadees would stay away but that hasn’t been the case.