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A favorite spring photograph subject is spring tree buds.

I have three White-Tailed deer that seem to hang around together. When I woke up one morning they were sleeping at the edge of the yard in a nice sunny location. It was the same area that the Wild Turkeys liked to hang out during the winter.



Things haven’t changed much. White-tailed Deer are the most frequent visitors to my trail cam. The seem to be so curious and are constantly hanging around in front of the camera. Maybe they consider it a selfie camera.



The second most frequent visitors recently have been Raccoons.

A first time visitor to my camera was this . Apparently it is sticking around because several weeks after this picture was taken I saw it again in the same area. I was cutting brush when it landed nearby. A short time later it walked out into an open area and was soon followed by a maleĀ  who was dancing.



Common Blue Violets are now blooming on the farm in large numbers.


The last several times we have been at Hoffman Hills we have seen warblers. There have been a lot of Yellow-rumped Warblers around.

We also saw one Palm Warbler.

Last week we took a short trip to the Ice Age Trail near Bloomer, Wisconsin. When we arrived there were a couple of cars in the parking lot ant the visitors center was closed. We decided to hiked the 4.5 mile loop trail. It was a beautiful sunny day for a hike. We were hoping to find some Round-lobed Hepatica blooming and we were not disappointed. We also encountered a number of garter snakes on the trail.


This time of year I spend a lot of time photographing at the Gilbert Creek Wildlife Area. This year there have been some Trumpeter Swans hanging around. I don’t think they plan to take up permanent residency but they are still fun to watch.


We had gone out to Hoffman Hills to check on the nesting Canada Geese but there were many more things to see. A Green Heron landed on the other side of the pond. We watched as it hunted along the shore for frogs.

There were also quite a few Red-winged Blackbirds around

The Marsh Marigolds are blooming in the swampy areas.

The Painted Turtles were sunning themselves along the edge of the pond.

The last of the Pussy Willows were blooming.

The Willow Trees are getting ready to bloom.

There were a number of Turkey Vultures flying around the area.


Yesterday we watched as a pair of Canada Geese debuted their goslings. Today we were up early and headed to Hoffman Hills to see if the goslings were off of the nest. When we arrived we noticed that the female was off of the nest and the goslings were wandering around eating.

Shortly after we arrived the adults took to the water and most of the goslings were right behind them.

They paddled clear across the pond on their first outing.

We decided to walk around the pond and when we arrived on the other side everyone was up on shore feeding. We watched them for a short time then continued on our hike.

As we were starting back toward the pond where the geese were we noticed that they had walked the 100 yards from the first to the second pond. They then proceeded to swim across the second lake. We didn’t stick around to watch them but I suspect the goslings all took a nap after a strenuous workout.


Every spring we watch a pair of Canada Geese raise their young at Hoffman Hills. We had a good idea that the gosling would be hatching at any time so we were making frequent visits to Hoffman Hills. When we arrived we noticed that things had change. Both adult geese were near the nest and the female was sitting with it’s head up. Normally she has here head lying on the ground. We new something was up but we didn’t see any gosling.

We walked around for a while and when we returned to the area of the nest we noticed that the female on the nest was moving around so we figured there were some gosling trying to get out. We watched for a while and sure enough one of them popped out and we could see a few more under here wing.