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Category Archives: Powderhorn Falls

The next morning it looked like rain. We checked and it was east of Ironwood so we decided to drive back over to Wakefield and try and find a couple of more waterfalls. Our first stop was Powderhorn Falls. This was another falls I had tried to find on an earlier trip but didn’t find it. This time we drove out to the Powderhorn Ski Area. Just before crossing Powder Mill Creek as you enter the Powderhorn Ski Area parking lot we parked at a small parking lot on the right. We walked along the river on a wide trail that appeared to be a snowmobile trail. Fortunately we had on our Muck Boots because the trail was very muddy. It was well worth the trip. There is also another trail on the other side of the river but we didn’t have time to take it on this trip. Glad to have bagged another waterfall.





I converted a couple of the photos to black and white.powderhorn-falls-16-10-2127