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Category Archives: Landscape Photography

It was a beautiful fall day so we decided to drive down to Trempealeau, Wisconsin to visit Perrot State Park. When we arrived we discovered that the river valley was covered in fog.


We made a stop at Gile Flowage. There was some nice light and the trees were near peak color.


After visiting Copper Peak we normally continue on down to the mouth of the Black River. There are many things to photograph in the area.


One of my favorite places to visit the last week in September is Copper Peak. The colors in the interior are usually at their peak and there are some outstanding views from the top of the Copper Peak ski jump. With any luck they will be ski jumping again at Copper Peak withing the next couple of years.


After visiting Bond Falls we headed over to Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park. We purchased a park sticker and then drove up to the Lake of the Clouds. There was still a lot of green along the lake.



On our second fall trip we drove to Ironwood, Michigan. The following day we drove through Geoebic County on our way to Bond Falls. It was a cloudy and dreary day. There were some nice colors in spots but it was not peak.



It was late in the day and cloudy creating ideal conditions to photograph at Cascade River State Park. I was a little surprised at the low water levels given the high water on the southern end of the North Shore.


While we were in Grand Marais the wind was blowing and the waves were pounding the beach. I took a few shots of Artists Point.

There was some great light and clouds over the harbor.

We drove around to the south side of the harbor to get a few photos of the waves pounding the rocks along the shore. Several other photographers had the same idea.


We also made a brief stop at along the road to take some photos of Teal Lake. We discovered there is a short road to an overlook but it is not marked.


A popular photograph location is the pull-off at the Wayswaugoing Bay overlook. The fall colors still had a way to go but the view is still spectacular.