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Category Archives: Duluth Rose Garden

We visited the Duluth Rose Garden a few weeks ago but the roses had not started blooming yet. Last week the roses were in full bloom. It was a windy and sunny day so it was difficult to photograph the flowers but I did manage a few shots.





More photos from the Rose Garden can be found on my website.

The early spring flowers were in bloom in the Duluth Rose Garden. Only a few roses were blooming but many other flowers were in bloom.






Several weeks ago I had a chance to make my first visit to the Duluth Rose Garden. Last week on a trip to Duluth I got up early to photograph the sunrise in Canal Park then decided to walk down to the Rose Garden to see if there were any new flowers in bloom. It was a little windy but I was able to get some more great shots of the roses and a few other flowers. It is a popular spot even early in the morning.

If you are visiting Duluth, Minnesota most likely you are going to end up in Canal Park on your visit. Just about a 20 minute walk down the Lake Walk you will find the Duluth Rose Garden. It is in the center of Leif Erikson Park. This time of year all of the roses are in full bloom. The view of Duluth waterfront is outstanding from the Lake Walk and from the Duluth Rose Garden.

Rose Garden

The Rose Garden contains over 100 varieties of roses and over 3,000 rose bushes. It is a formal rose garden with thousands of plantings, in addition, to the roses. It is also unique because it is constructed over the I-35 highway. As you stroll through the garden you are walking above a busy highway.

Rose Garden

If you are in the area remember to visit the Duluth Rose Garden.