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Monthly Archives: October 2019

In late September we stopped at Amnicon Falls State Park. The area had heavy rains during the previous week and there was a lot of water flowing in the Amnicon River. Our first stop in the park was Now and Then Falls. The fall leaves were very colorful.


Several views of Lower Falls.


Snake Pit Falls.

Upper Falls.

Several other smaller waterfalls.

I’m seeing a lot of Foxtail on the farm as we go into fall.

I walked part of the Red Cedar State Trail this past week. Not a lot to photograph. It was a very foggy day. As you can see the leaves are falling but there is almost no color. The leaves are just turning brown and falling off of the trees.

I did find this fox tail that was covered in spiderwebs and highlighted in the morning dew.

There were quite a few spiderwebs along the trail. They were also covered in morning dew.


There are very few flowers still blooming. I was able to find a few Pale Touch-me-nots along the trail.

I raise red wiggler composting worms. During the summer I put them out in the open range. Actually I put them out around Memorial Day into a 100 gallon composting bin. I’ve use the bin for years but it never worked all that well for composting but it really works well as a summer range for my Red Wigglers. This past week I rounded up most of the worms and put them in the bin where they will reside for the winter. It is kind of a pain to round them up because I have to go through quite a bit of compost to find them. It helps that I only feed them once in the week or two before the roundup. They then gather around the food source so it is relatively easy to find them.


I’ve seen quite a few Painted Ladies around the farm the last few weeks. While I was out photographing Monarchs I managed to get a few photos of the Painted Ladies.



There doesn’t seem to be as many of them but the Groundnuts are blooming along the Red Cedar Trail. They are a little hard to find hidden behind the leaves. Some of the places I’ve traditionally found them don’t seem to have any this year.