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The day following the shareholders meeting the Packers had their first practice scheduled. We made it over to the practice early and took a few photos.The kids were already lining up with their bikes outside the American Family Gate. It is traditional that the players ride bikes to the practice field. While we were waiting I took some photos of the old uniforms that were on display in the parking lot.

More Packer photos can be found on my website.

I managed a shot of the Packer Experience volunteers coming out of the Oneida Nations Gate.

This was the ESPN crew with former packer James Jones as a part of the crew.

The main event for us was the bike ride. Not all all the star players participated but enough did to make it interesting.

Some of the smaller kids didn’t seem to have a good grasp of what was going on.

This little girl was carrying Williams helmet but hadn’t gone too far be fore he realized it was too heavy for her and took it himself.

Bolton took this little girls bike but she didn’t seem to realize that she was supposed to follow him.

Mark Murphy, CEO, was interviewed by ESPN.

My wife was photographing from a different location and had a place in the shade and was able to get some great shots.

These were all of the bikes parked outside the practice field.

We watched practice for a while but it was just too hot to sit for a couple of hours in the sun.

After watching practice for a while we walked back to the stadium parking lot and checked out the Packer Experience which was also taking place. Not a big crowd because most of the people were at practice but things started picking up later in the morning. The kids seemed to be having fun. The kid in the last photo was taking it seriously. The Packers might want to look at him as a future linebacker.



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