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This was our last day in Delft so we were up early to have breakfast and pack our packs. We deposited our packs with the hotel before setting off to explore. We soon realized that is was too early for the stores to open with the exception of IKEA so we decided to walk to IKEA. Visiting IKEA is something we do in every country we visit. My wife has a membership so we get free coffee. On the way to IKEA we passed the East Gate of the old town.

There were a variety of birds hanging around the East Gate. An Egyptian Goose was paddling around with her young.


At IKEA the dining area was open but nothing else. We had some coffee and a bite to eat while waiting for the store to open. It looked like quite a few older people were using IKEA as a gathering place for morning coffee. Great deal, free coffee and friends.


Our next goal was to climb the tower in the New Church. We had wanted to do it earlier but I had strained my calf and didn’t think I could make it up and down the stairs. I was better, so we decided to give it a try. We walked along one of the canals on the way to the New Church. We encountered this family of Eurasian Coots feeding. We had been watching a family of Eurasian Coots on the back side of the New Church hopping the would leave the nest. When we reached the nest it was empty so we think these were the former occupants.


On the way to the New Church we noticed this Canta LX. It is a two seat mini car designed in the Netherlands for handicapped drivers.

Fortunately when we reached the New Church it was not too crowded. It would have been difficult to get up and down the stairs if there were a lot of people around.


The views of Delft were outstanding. We could see The Hague in the distance.


My wife doesn’t like heights and she was hanging on for dear life.


After hiking to the top of the tower we stopped at a cheese store to purchase some Gouda cheese to bring home. We then picked up our packs and hiked to the Central Station to catch a train to the Amsterdam Airport.


We arrived at our airport hotel around 3:30 in the afternoon. This was the view out our window toward the airport.



Not wanting to let any grass grow under our feet we decided to take the train from the airport into town. We had noticed the french fry stores on our earlier visits but for some reasons the crowds at them were unusually large. I had never seen a store that sold only french fries. The number of toppings available was amazing


We wandered around town for a while taking in the sites on a beautiful afternoon.


I took this photo because it showed one of the strange design elements in Amsterdam buildings. The dark building in the photo leans out a bit. This is done because the only way to get furniture into the building is to hoist it up on a pulley (you can see the pulley at the top of the building).


After another 13 hour day we returned to our hotel in time to get a sunset over the airport.


We had an early flight the next morning so we skipped breakfast at the hotel and had a bite to eat at the airport after checking out bags. I was pleased with the selection.



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