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We were on the road fairly early in the morning because we had a long day. It happened to be Easter Sunday so we hoped that all of the places we wanted to visit were open. Our first stop was Acoma Pueblo. As we approached the city we could see the butte that was a previous home of the tribe.

More photos from Acoma Pueblo can be found on my website.

When we reached the visitors center it was closed. There were no hours posted so we hoped that it would open at 9 am. In the mean time we took a short drive around the surrounding countryside. There were cattle grazing among the beautiful rock formations.

We drove back to the parking lot and noticed several cars drive into the employee parking lot so we were encouraged that the Visitors center would soon open. It did and we purchased tickets for the tour. A bus takes visitors to  the top of the butte. On the ride up I noticed quite a few interesting photo opportunities.

This is the church at Acoma Pueblo.

We spent several hours wandering around the Pueblo listening to the guide and taking photos.


This is one of the ladders used to reach the top of the Pueblo. It was used in religious ceremonies.

This is an oven. It is filled with wood which is burned to heat the oven then the ashes are removed. Bread is then placed in the oven for baking and the opening sealed to keep in the heat.

In the past this was one of the rain catch basins on the butte which was a source of water for the inhabitants.

As you can see from the following shots the Pueblo is far above the valley floor.


As we walked through town I took photos of various architectural features on the buildings.

When we were ready to leave we had a choice of taking the bus back down or walking down the original access path. We planned on taking the bus down because my wife doesn’t like heights but on the way up I notice some interesting photo opportunities so I suggested we should walk down. It was quite the experience using handhold from ancient times.


At the bottom the fruit trees were in bloom.

There were a number of old corrals next to the rock faces. The Sky City Cultural Center was very impressive.


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