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Monthly Archives: March 2018

This past weekend my wife and I drove up to Calumet, Michigan to watch the CopperDog 150 Sled Dog Race and to do a little cross country skiing. We just made it in time to walk around before the race and take in the sites. More photos from the race can be found on my website.

The mushers are usually happy to let the kids pet the dogs.

Generally the mushers feed the dogs a couple of hours before the race and then put them back into their homes until they are ready to race. They usually look a little pathetic as the look out the doors. Some of the dogs are a little more reluctant than others to be put back into their homes. This one put up quite a struggle before he finally was put into his home.

The runners on the sleds are a fiberglass material and the mushers have to wax them before the race.

Generally the Michigan Tech and Finlandia University mascots are at the race.

A popular spot before the race is the Hot Chocolate and cookie stand.The sheriffs department heads out onto the course before the race to insure there are no problems along the course which crosses the main road in several locations.

There are a lot of official photographers to capture the race. Video seems to be growing in popularity.

The color guard brings out the flags before the race. This year there were racers from South Africa, Canada and the United States.

Just before the race starts the trail crew heads out to insure that everything is ready for the race. The Michigan Tech and Finlandia mascots were riding on the sleds.

We watched from the start line as the 10 team sled dogs headed out onto the course.


There are a few birds that are usually around in good numbers but for some reason I haven’t seem them very often this winter.

Blue Jay

Common Redpoll

American Goldfinch

This has been a great winter to photograph Northern Cardinals. I’ve had as many as eight at my feeder at any given time and they have been feeding during the day. It is probably do to the fact that I’ve not see any hawks around this winter.

These two did not seem very happy to be out in the snowfall.

We made a stop at Devil’s Punchbowl last week. With the warm weather it was clear that the Ice would soon be gone.

We made a visit to Tripp Falls Ravine this past week. The warm weather had caused considerable melting of the ice walls and the small stream was flowing. The first photo shows the condition of the ice wall and the large chunks of ice that have broken off. It is a bit dangerous to be walking under the ice wall in warm weather.

We had skied to the Ice Wall the previous day and were very surprised to find that there had been significant melt in just 24 hours. With the warm temperatures forecast for the next week I suspect the Ice Wall will be gone by the end of the week.

We drove down to the Red Cedar State Trail early in the morning because it was going to be a really warm day. The previous day we had skied from Irvington to the Ice wall and we decided to do it again. The previous day I had my little camera but it was so bright out it was hard to take photos. This time I had my Nikon. When we firstĀ  started out only one side of the trail was groomed so I knew the groomer was probably still out on the trail. When we reached the Ice Wall we heard the groomer coming. A colleague from work was doing the grooming. The groomers stopped to talk with us and take some photos of the Ice Wall.