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After visiting Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park we race back to Dreamland Safari Tours to catch our tour out to Red Canyon. The locals call it Peek-a-boo Canyon and Dreamland calls it the Mystical Slot Canyon Tour. We drove back through Kanab and out to the Best Friends Animal Society. The family we were touring with had visited Animal Society the day before and thought it was great. We turned off on a sand road. after driving for a ways the driver stopped to let some air out of the tires to gain more traction in the sand. He said that the sand was still fairly stable but as the summer goes on he has to let almost all of the air out of the tires then has to pump them back up when he returns to the main road.  A little further on we encountered a 4 wheel drive SUV that tried to make it and was seriously stuck in the sand. We were very lucky that we didn’t try it in our all wheel drive van. We were also lucky we didn’t try hiking to it. It would have been tough slogging through the soft sand. We did meet a family that made the hike and were not looking forward to the trip back. When we talked to the rangers about the hike in they made it sound like we would be walking down a single lane road. As we discovered the area was crisscrossed by ATV roads so we would have been hopelessly lost since there were no road markers. Even our experienced driver missed one turn and had to backtrack.

Red Canyon is a hidden gem. It is very similar to Lower Antelope Canyon in Page but without the crowds. Like Antelope Canyon it is very short, less that a half mile, that can be easily hiked before it is blocked by boulders. Our guide said that a few years ago heavy rains caused a flash flood that scoured out the canyon and made it about fifteen feed deeper and much more spectacular.

More photos of Red Canyon can be found on my website.





  1. The shots you have taken are excellent
    Nice composition of photos

  2. Gorgeous shots!!!

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