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After our hike to Hickman Bridge we stopped at the Visitors Center. The place was packed and it turned out that many of the schools were on spring break. That’s why there have been so many people visiting the parks. We took the Scenic Road and then followed Capital Gorge Road to the end where we planned on taking a hike. Capital Gorge Road is dirt and not all that wide in some places. A sign at the start of the road indicated that campers over 17 feet should not enter this road. When we reached the end of the road the parking lot was packed and a large camper was stuck across the road. No one could get in or out. A bunch of people were working to get the camper free but it was slow going. Apparently the driver had attempted to turn around and dropped the front tires over a sharp drop off. We decided to forget the hike and managed to turn around. In spite of the issues it was a very nice drive through the canyons.




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