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A few weeks ago we were in Washburn, Wisconsin for the Start of the Bike Across the Bay fat tire bicycle race. We arrived as the racers were starting to gather. and check out conditions. The evening before the Book Across the Bay had been held. Given that the temperatures were close to 60 degrees Chequamegon Bay was slush and water for that event. For the bike race the water had frozen and it was glare ice.

More photos from the Bike Across the Bay can be found on my website.

We arrived as the racers were starting to gather.

bike-across-the-bay-washburn-wisconsin-17-2-2346I noticed that most of the racers were out checking out conditions and trying to see how much air they would need in their tires. The fat tire bikes has studs which helps with the traction.


While the racers were getting their instructions the photographers were working of getting the ideal shot.



Off they went. Several of them turned back before they had gone very far. I couldn’t tell if the conditions were bad or if they had mechanical problems. As the morning wore on the freshly frozen ice begin to disintegrate. We didn’t stay around for the finish but from comments I heard they bikers were making good time.






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