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On the way back toward Ironwood we decided to see if we could find Sunday Lake Falls. This is one I had never heard of but it was listed in Phil Stagg’s book Waterfalls of Michigan. Turns out it was also on Planter Creek and just across Highway 28 from Root Beer Falls. There is no parking lot so we pulled off of the road next to Planter Creek. There is also no trail so we just worked our way along the creek. I didn’t really expect much because the book showed that it wasn’t much of a waterfall just a rapids. As it turned out this was one of the more photogenic falls we photographed during our fall trips. It had started raining as we walked into the falls, providing some ideal conditions for photographing waterfalls.

The water comes comes out of an old mine shaft that was blasted into the hills and apparently drains Sunday Lake in Wakefield.




What really made the visit was the fall leaves and rocks that provide an unlimited number of intimate photographs of the creek.




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