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Our second stop of our fall road trip was at the Soo Locks. This is considered mecca to the boat nerds. It has been years since we first visited the locks so we decided to take a boat trip through them. We arrived about five minutes before the boat was to leave the docks.

As we sailed to the United States Docks we passed the USCGC Katmai Bay which we see occasionally in Duluth, Minnesota. It usually turns up in the spring during ice breaking operations.


When we reached the United States Locks there was another ship in the next lock but since we just entered and it was exiting it was difficult to see anything but the top of it. There is a 30 foot difference between lake Superior and Lake Michigan.



We then headed across to the Canadian side and sailed past the  Essar Steel Algoma steel plant. This is by far the largest employer in the area. The last photo shows the barges that will be loaded with rolled steel that will be used in the auto plants.




We then sailed through the much smaller Canadian Locks and past several ships before heading back to the United State Shore.



Constable Carriere

Constable Carriere



As we sailed along the shore we passed a ship yard a resupply boat and the Edison Sault Hydroelectric Plant.




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