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June 6th was to be our last day in Iceland. We didn’t have anything planned other than to pack everything up, do a little last minute shopping and make it to the airport early in the afternoon.

Once we had the car packed we started to walk around some areas that we had not visited yesterday. I was impressed by this lawn mower. It was remote controlled and used to mow areas that were steep along the road.


We walked through a residential area before ending up down at the Parliament Building.


When we walked over to the plaza it was all covered in foam. The previous day was Saturday and as we headed back to or Airbnb we met huge crowds coming down town. Maybe they clean the streets Sunday mornings.


When we walked past the harbor this luxury boat had docked.


Shortly after noon we walked back to the car and headed for Keflavik International Airport. On the way we stopped off at Keflavik to take a few photos. One of Linda’s friends was stationed in Keflavik and she wanted a photo to send them.


Linda realized she hadn’t taken a photo of any Bonus Store so we stopped to get one in Keflavik. We did most of our grocery shopping in Bonus Stores.


We had no problem returning the car. We didn’t even unpack the car a staff member drove it to the airport and dropped us off. He probably wanted to make sure it still ran after three weeks driving around Iceland.

We were a little concerned about our flight out. We had been reading about a slowdown by the traffic controllers. So far most of the problems had been at night. We were really early for our flight so we ended up wandering around the airport for a couple of hours and took time for a long lunch.

When we went to the gate it was a madhouse. Keflavik has almost no seating at the gate areas. I noticed this when we arrived and thought this can’t really be the case. Unfortunately it was. People were sitting and laying on the concourse floors because there were no seats. To make matters worse the slowdown was now impacting the daytime flights. We were lucky that our flight was only delayed an hour. Other flights were delayed several hours.

On a positive note we did not have a full plane and my wife had an empty seat between us and plenty of room. We also had much better service than we did on our flight in when we had a full plane.

Linda had to take her Obligatory photo of Greenland as we flew over.


We arrived in Minneapolis late in the afternoon. Since our plane was delayed we were not sure we would make the shuttle to Duluth. As we were picking up or bags we received a call from the scuttle driver that he was waiting for us.

It was strange to be in the U.S. We hadn’t been on the road more than 20 minutes and had already see 5 policemen. That is more than we saw in Iceland in three weeks.

More photos and a complete listing of my Icelandic blogs can be found on my website.

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