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It was the last day of May. We had a great breakfast at the Ísafjörður Hotel before heading out of town. My wife had been reading about the town and I hadn’t. As we were leaving town we encountered a long tunnel. It was one lane with pull offs every so often. What really got me was all of a sudden there was a road going off to the right. I’ve never seen a one lane tunnel and I sure haven’t seen a road junction in a tunnel.


In Tingeyri we picked up highway 60 which would take us over the mountains to Hrafnseyri. As the sign indicates it was a dirt/rock road. It was beautiful just out of town but they were just starting the spring maintenance after a long winter. There were rocks in the road and big potholes.





We had a great view of Arnarfjörður as we started down from the highlands.


As we came into Hrafnseyri we encountered a bunch of sheep in the road. A couple of black lambs wanted one last drink before heading off of the road.


My wife wanted a shot of the potholes. I kept telling her they wouldn’t so bad if she drove faster. You would just fly right over them unless you broke something.


Just after the potholes we found Gljufura Falls right next to the road. It was a beautiful little waterfall.



Our destination for the day was Dynjandi Waterfall. We could see the top portion of it across Arnarfjörður. It was spitting rain when we arrived. There was also a lot of spray from the various waterfalls. I was constantly wiping my camera and lens off. It is difficult to get a shot of the entire falls but I had a lot of fun photographing the smaller falls on the river. I think they all have separate names but the entire waterfall is called Dynjandi.






Restroom have been a constant topic of conversation in Iceland. There was a proposal to install 800 portable toilets along the Ring Road but, of course, there wasn’t any money. Iceland really needs to start charging tourists to keep up their tourist destinations. There were some restrooms at Dynjandi and given all of the people visiting they were spotless. My wife claimed that all of the restrooms she used were spotless there just aren’t enough of them.



Just past Dynjandi we stopped briefly to photograph yet another waterfall. Just after I took this photo it started to rain really hard.


We drove back up into the mountains during the rain storm. As we came out of the mountains to catch highway 62 the brush and grass along the road really popped from the rain.



We caught highway 62 and then headed for Patreksfjörður where we would be staying for the night. We bought some supplies at a grocery store then headed over to the N1 to get a pizza.


More photos and a complete listing of my Icelandic blogs can be found on my website.


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