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May 27th we were off to Dalvik to go on a whale watching tour with Arctic Sea Tours Whale Watching. We didn’t know what to expect so we put on all of our cold weather gear before we headed out. I have a thing with bad experiences with boats so I was very apprehensive about going out on a boat.


When we arrived they gave us some Icelandic 66 degrees North cold weather clothing which was really comfortable and warm. Here we are all geared up and ready to go. The weather was cool and overcast and I expected cold out on the water.


We walked a short distance to the Harbor where we boarded the Draumur which is the smaller boat on the right.


We headed out of the harbor and turned toward the mouth of the Eyjafjörður which is the longest fiord in Iceland. Here are a few shots of the mountains on either side of the fiord.



I was all read to take photos of the whales but ended up taking photos of the ships wake. We were looking for whales in all the wrong places.



Another whale watching boat stopped to see if we had seen anything. They were not having any luck either.


We stopped to do a little fishing. It was our first time ocean fishing. All we had to do was drop the lure to the bottom and lift it just off the bottom and start jerking. It wasn’t long before the person who didn’t have a clue what she was doing caught the first fish. She didn’t really catch it she just hooked the top fin.



On the way back to port our guide cleaned the fish and tossed the remaining pieces of fish to the gulls. I learned that if you want some good gull photos you need to be in the back of the boat behind the fish cleaning board. This puts you in a great position to watch and photograph the birds. It was a stitch watching the gulls chase the boat. They appeared to be walking on water.



When we reached the harbor I stopped to take a photo of the fishing boats. We then walked back to the Arctic Sea Tours offices where the guide cooked up the fish.



On the way back our tour guide said that since we did not see any whales we were entitled to go on another tour for free. I looked at my watch and saw that the next tour would leave in a half an hour. Linda went in and signed us up.

We were old hands at whale watching now so I went in and picked up our 66 Degrees North Clothing and we geared back up. A number of others who had been on the morning tour also went on the afternoon tour. We spent quite a bit of time talking with a mother and son from Canada. You never know we might have to move to Canada if Trump is elected.



This time we took out the Mani which is the larger boat on the left. During the lunch hour the tour operator called around and found that whales had been sighted further in the harbor. The wind had picked up and was blowing out toward the sea so they needed a bigger boat.


This is a shot of our guide. Notice the strange mittens he is wearing. They have two thumbs. He claimed they belonged to his grandfather. When rowing a boat your mittens would get wet. You could just turn them over and use the other side of the mitten.


On the way down the fiord we passed Hrísey Island and the Hrísey Ferry.



As we headed down the fiord the wind did not abate and the water became very rough. The waves were splashing over the sides of the boat. At one pint young man we were talking with was standing in a foot of water on the deck. The folks riding in the prow were getting soaked. No one got sick and a good time and a great experience was had by all. Unfortunately the wind prevented the boat from getting far enough into the harbor to find the whales.

We stopped once again to fish. Linda caught 2 and I caught 2. The first fish I hooked was a relatively rare Icelandic Catfish. I had no clue what I had on other than it was a fish. Apparently they needed a grappling hook to get it into the boat and they didn’t get it quick enough and the catfish spit the hook out. We were told that the catfish is the best eating fish they catch. Here I am with another fish. We filled the bucket up with fish.




Once again the gulls were frantic to get the fish scraps that were thrown overboard.



Gulls Feeding Arctic Sea Tours Dalvik Iceland 16-6-_1970

Two trips so far and still no whales. We were told that it is relatively rare not to see whales. Linda and I talked about it and concluded we could make one more attempt on the morning we were leaving Akureyri. Dalvik was in the same direction we were headed so we signed up for our third trip. Nothing makes me happier than to feel I am getting my money’s worth. Three trips for the price of one is a great bargain.

We caught so many fish that they had some left over and they were giving the cooked fish away. Since we had a kitchen facility and had a cooler along with us we took a bunch back for dinner. We ended up making fish chowder for dinner.

More photos and a complete listing of my Icelandic blogs can be found on my website.


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  1. Hope you don’t have to move to Canada

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