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The following morning I was up before sunrise hoping to catch a nice sunrise down at the Grand Marais Harbor. Unfortunately there was no sunrise so I didn’t even take the camera out of the bag. I returned to the hotel to grab a bite to eat before heading up to Grand Portage State Park.

We normally make a drive up to Grand Portage State Park in the spring. On this occasion we wanted to test some gear before heading off to Iceland later this summer. We figured High Falls would mimic conditions in Iceland fairly well. As it turned out we found that it might be difficult to photograph some of the larger Icelandic waterfalls. This photo was taken by my wife on her camera phone.


I’ve seen more water flowing over the falls in the spring but I’ve never seen as much spray hitting the viewing platforms. High Falls can be a difficult place to photograph because the falls creates its own weather. Normally you can expect to get wet on the viewing platforms. This is what my lens looked like after a few seconds.


We gave some thought of driving over to Canada to view the falls from the other side but it looked like the conditions on the Canadian side were even worse so we gave that idea up.




When we returned to the visitors center we stopped to watch a video that Travis Novitsky has created of High Falls during the various seasons. If you stop at the park be sure to watch it. Travis works at the Park and has some great photographs from the far north.


  1. great shots

  2. amazing pics, curious river name

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