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After watching the Sandhill Cranes fly out to their feeding grounds we headed for Wall, South Dakota. This was a last minute decision. I figured we were already half way there and it didn’t look like we would have time later in the spring to make a trip to one of my favorite locations so we decided to “swing by” the Badlands on our way back from Nebraska.

We drove up through the Nebraska Sand Hills. This was the first time we had been in the sand hills. It was a nice sunny day although a bit windy. A couple of times when we stopped to take a photo I thought the car door was going to blow off.


I stopped to take a photo of these horses with the dramatic clouds in the background and noticed the fire hydrant out in the field. A bit puzzling since we seemed to be in the middle of nowhere.


As we neared the Badlands we encountered another herd of horses. It was becoming obvious that we were going to see some dramatic clouds in the Badlands. As we looked at the weather there were storms popping up all around us.Badlands-National-Park-16-3-_5504

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