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When I first started to get serious about photography I was mainly interested in landscape photography. During the long winters there was not as much of an opportunity for landscape photography. As I watched the birds at my feeder I kept thinking I should get some photos of them. The problem was my lens just wasn’t powerful enough.


One day I noticed that while the birds went to the feeder to gather seeds they flew down near the house to eat them. I went down to the basement to see it I could see them in the basement window. Sure enough they were sitting at the base of a lilac bush eating their seeds.


The next day I cleaned the basement window and put a ladder under it so I could sit and watch the birds. This is how I started my bird photography. One of the first shots I took was published in Birds and Blooms. It was of a male Northern Cardinal feeding during a blizzard.

Northern Cardinal

Northern Cardinal

A number of years later I severely trimmed the lilac bush and it was no longer a place the birds liked to feed. This year I happened to be working in the basement and noticed the birds were back and that with a little trimming I could get some great bird shots.



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