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One of the things I like to do is photograph Bittersweet in the late fall or early winter. This year I got busy and forgot about it until I went on my first ski of the season. I noticed some Bittersweet along the Red Cedar Trail and vowed to come back and photograph it if the sun ever came back out.



A couple of days later it was a beautiful day so my wife and I gathered up the camera gear and skied out to where we had seen the Bittersweet. Unfortunately it grows in a tangled mass of brush and downed trees so it was difficult to photograph but I managed a few pictures.



While I was photographing my wife skied down the trail. I heard what I thought was her talking to someone. The noise became louder and I noticed a flight of Trumpeter Swans flying up the river. Fortunately I was using my 600mm lens to photograph the Bittersweet. Unfortunately I was standing in thick brush. I did manage a few shots of the Swans as they flew by. It’s rare to see swans on the Red Cedar River but I have seen a few but never this large of group.




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