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Justin had to work during the week so Linda and I spent our time traveling around the area and sightseeing in Kobe. On Friday evening we met Justin at the train station and took a high speed train to Tokyo for the weekend. As usual we arrived after dark and were wandering around Tokyo looking for our Airbnb in the dark. We had a large roomy apartment for our two nights in Tokyo.

The next morning we met a friend of Justin’s who teaches English in Tokyo and they gave us a walking tour of Tokyo.

When we exited the train we saw the statue of Hachiko. This is a dog that always met his master at Shibuya Station at the end of the day. One day his master died and never returned. For the next ten years Hachiko returned to the station every day to meet the train.


This is the famous Shibuya Street that is always shown on TV. Everyone in the group was surprised because it was not crowded. We walked around shopping then started looking for a place for lunch. Our tour guides took us to Denny’s.


Tour Guides

Tour Guides

After lunch we walked over to Zojoji Temple and Toyko Tower. The view of Toyko was spectacular.



Late in the afternoon we ended up at Thunder Gate and Nakamise-dōri.



It was early in the evening when we ended up at Takeshia Street in the Harajuku Shopping District. We stopped for some of the famous crepes.



It was a long day. We had to laugh because the kids though we were going to die after such a long day. I suspect Linda and I were doing better than they were.

The next morning we took the train to Tokyo Station where we would depart later in the day for our return trip to Kobe. We spent the morning walking around the grounds of the Tokyo Imperial Palace. It was a beautiful day and there were lots of bikers and runners on the streets. The streets were closed to traffic.

Toyko Station

Toyko Station


Tokyo Imperial Palace

Tokyo Imperial Palace

Tokyo Imperial Palace

Tokyo Imperial Palace Grounds

Tokyo Imperial Palace Grounds

We started looking for places for lunch but found we were in the ritzy part of town and the prices were out of our league so we walked back to Tokyo Station for lunch. I was amazed at the size of the station and the number of places to eat. It was easy to get lost.

Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station

This was my lunch. Apparently Linda found some snails in the bottom of the soup but decide it was best not to tell me.


Mid afternoon we caught the high speed train for Kobe. We were waiting on the platform when the train arrived. The cleaning crew (in pink) was waiting to board the train. They looked like a tornado going through the cars. When they were finished the all stood outside the cars while a supervisor inspected their work.


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