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On our second day in Kobe we took the train to Himeji where we visited Himeji Castle and Kokoen Gardens.

This turned out to be the only time we had a problem when traveling by train. The station two stops before Himeji had a similar name and as soon as we got off the train we realized we made a mistake. Unfortunately the train made a “brief” stop and we were not able to get back on before it pulled out of the station. Fortunately Japan has a very good train system and another train cam alone in just a few minutes.

Our first stop was Himeji Castle where we purchased tickets that were good for the Castle and the Gardens. Once again it was hot and humid.  There were lots of people at the Castle. We had to take our shoes off and carry them as we climbed the stairs to the top. It was slow going in the large crowds.




When we finished touring the Castle we Headed over to Kokoen Gardens. This was much better, fewer people and a some landscape to photograph. The fall colors were just starting to turn. I suspect this place would have been spectacular in a few weeks.



There were lots of Koi in the ponds.


Linda was beginning to look like she was growing an Afro.


More photos from our visit to Japan can be found on my website.


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    • Sukanya Ramanujan
    • Posted January 17, 2016 at 5:29 AM
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    Oh! I visited Himeji earlier in April and I don’t remember being asked to remove my footwear. They must have put this rule in place recently. Your post brings back good memories!

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