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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Photographs of the South Breakwater Light at the Duluth, Minnesota Harbor entrance. I spent several hours photographing the rapidly changing light.

More photographs from the Duluth Waterfront can be found on my website.




Sometimes the best time to photograph the sunrise is the hour before sunrise. This is referred to as the blue hour by photographers. It can provide an opportunity for some spectacular photographs. These photos were taken on dawn walk along the Duluth, Minnesota waterfront.

More photographs from the Duluth Waterfront can be found on my website.


Uncle Harvey's Mausoleum

Uncle Harvey’s Mausoleum

Duluth Breakwater Lights

Duluth Breakwater Lights

Several shots of Duluth, Minnesota taken during the early morning hours from the North Breakwater. More photographs from the Duluth Waterfront can be found on my website.



The German ship Cornelia has been sitting just outside the Duluth, Minnesota harbor entrance for a month and a half. The first of November it entered port to load grain bound for Tunisia. It was detained because of alleged illegal oil discharges into the lake. The Coast Guard would not release the ship until bonds were in place to cover any claims against the owners. Earlier this week the ship returned to port to take on supplies and fuel. Yesterday was the last day it could leave Duluth and still get across the Great Lakes before the St. Lawrence Seaway closes for the winter. Fortunately it sailed under the lift bridge Friday morning.

More photographs from the Duluth Waterfront can be found on my website.




A few weeks ago I spent several hours photographing the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge during a spectacular sunrise.

More photographs from the Duluth Waterfront can be found on my website.





I noticed on the Marine Tracker that the American Century was going to be arriving in Duluth late in the day so my wife and I walked down Canal Park to watch it come in.



It was a beautiful evening so we hung around the waterfront. As we were about to leave we heard the alarm sound indicating the bridge was going up. This time the Cason J. Callaway was coming out of the harbor. As we walked over to watch the ship come through the harbor we had a beautiful view of the sun setting over the western Hills.

Cason J. Callaway Duluth Minnesota 15-11-_6516


We were just leaving after watching the Callaway go under the Duluth Lift Bridge when we noticed another ship heading for the Ship Canal. The third ship was the US Coast Guard Cutter Alder which is based in Duluth. It was starting to get dark but I managed a few shots of the Alder as it sailed through the Ship Canal.



This was another “We will just stop and take a quick look” visit to Amnicon Falls. By now my wife knows a quick look usually means a couple of hours. I think I can count of one hand the number of times we have stopped for a quick look and left without taking any photos. This is one of my favorite waterfall photography locations because of the variety of waterfalls and rapids. Are all easily accessible by a short walk.


The water color at Amnicon is caused by tannin in the water. The tannin is the result of decaying vegetation in the Amnicon River watershed.


Conditions were ideal. A good water flow and overcast sky to provide uniform lighting and a low enough light level not to require the use of neutral density filters.


It had been a while since we visited Jay Cooke State Park. The last time we were there was about a year after the disastrous 2012 flood. At that time flood debris was everywhere and they had just finished reconstructing the suspension bridge.


When we arrived it was a beautiful day and there were a number of families enjoying the weather. As we started across the suspension bridge we noticed black clouds moving in. We didn’t have a phone signal so we stopped at the ranger station to check on the weather. He said it was a beautiful day but looking out the window it was spitting snow.


Most of the people started leaving the park but we wanted some exercise so we hiked along the river then into the interior of the park.


Normally when we go to Crex Meadows we go to photograph the wildlife. A nice sunrise at Phantom Lake is a side benefit. However, the landscape of Crex is interesting and in the fall offers some nice opportunities to capture the fall colors.




On our second visit to Crex Meadows we were able to capture some photos of dancing cranes.