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My wife and I had a few days free and the weather looked good so we decided to drive up to Crex Meadows for a couple of days to photograph the fall Sandhill Crane migration. After checking the weather we started off. We were about half way to Grantsburg when my wife looked at the radar and said it was raining in Grantsburg. So much for good planning.

By the time we arrived at Crex the sky had started to clear although we could see rain in the distance. The sky reflecting on the water created some beautiful reflections.


I started taking photos but as I wandered into the grass I notice I always came back to the car covered with spider webs. As we drove around later in the day we started seeing that everything was covered with spider webs. We noticed cars driving around and it looked like they were flying flags of spider webs from their antenna. Until you see something like this you don’t realize how many spiders there must be in the world. I had never seen anything like this at Crex.



A little while later we were driving toward Auto Tour number 4. We noticed a big Suburban bouncing around the prairie. We were puzzled because Auto Tour number 4 is just a place to stop and take a short circle walk through the prairie. As it turned out the wildlife managers had mowed the little circle trail and folks apparently became confused and thought it was a driving tour.


We were driving around late in the day when my wife jammed on the breaks. She claimed to have seen a white mouse running across the road. I got out of the car to check and sure enough there was a whit mouse under the car. I managed to move him to the side of the road but I noticed as we drove off he was back in the road.




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