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My wife and I are frequent visitors to the Apostle Islands Ice Caves and have always wanted to tour the caves in the summer. Until recently we thought the only way to do so was via kayaks. Never having been in a kayak we have been a little apprehensive about such a venture.


A few weeks ago we were in Cornucopia, Wisconsin to visit friends. We stopped at the harbor to kill a little time and for me to take a few photographs. While I was photographing the harbor my wife visited some of the shops. She came back with a brochure for Good Earth Outfitters. It Turns out they provide boat tours of the sea caves. We decided to give them a try after our friends recommended them.


We made an early day of it. It was cloudy and it looked like it might not be a good day to be out in the lake. After lunch we drove over to Cornucopia to catch the boat. By the time we arrived it was a beautiful day.


Tim was our tour guide and did a great job. He pointed out that we were really lucky because it was a beautiful day. Many of the trips this summer have been in rough weather. It has been a windy summer.


We were taken out to the end of the sea caves and then moved in close to shore so we could get a closer look at them. In a number of cases we backed into the caves. I was surprised that motor boats could visit the caves but they are permitted. Tour operators must have park permits. It was a beautiful trip and I would highly recommend it particularly for those who are not able to kayak.


After our tour of the sea caves we walked over to Halvorson Fisheries to pick up a load of Whitefish.


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