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We were driving along one of the dike roads and as we came around a corner I noticed a large animal in the road. It looked like a seal. It turned around and went back into the water. I jumped out and walked over to the edge of the pond and waited. Sure enough it wasn’t long before it poked its head out of the water. Turned out to be a North American River Otter.


A little while later we were driving along and I noticed a Black Bear poking it head out of the woods. I yelled for my wife to stop and I nearly went into the windshield. I tried to get a photo but the bear moved back into the woods. We slowly drove up to where it came out and we could see it back in the woods. Unfortunately the cover was thick but we could see it was a sow and two cubs. The cubs went up the tree.



There were a number of Trumpeter Swans with their signets at various locations along the road. This batch was close enough to get some shots.


At one stop we encountered a couple of birds. The hawk was flying overhead and about the same time a Great Blue Heron flew by.



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