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After spending the night in Missoula we headed off to Gardiner, Montana and Yellowstone National Park. On our way we planned a stop in Butte, Montana to visit a couple of sites. Our original plan was to take the trolly tour of Butte as well as the Mine tour but it was early June and the schools were all having their field trips so the tours were all full. Something to keep in mind for our next trip.





We did stop at the World Museum of Mining and walked around the site. It actually reminded us a lot of northern Minnesota where there was and continues to be a lot of mining activity.




After walking around the Museum we asked where we could get a good pasty. We decided to stop at Gamer’s Cafe in downtown Butte. We frequently have pasties when we are in the U.P. of Michigan and usually bring a bunch of frozen pasties home when we drive through Ironwood. Surprisingly the Gamer’s pasties were quite a bit different from those in the U.P. and were served with a side of gravy. They were good but large so we split one.


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