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With the unsettled weather I wanted to get out to the Badlands early in case there was a great sunrise. Even though we were a little late in getting started things were just starting to get good when we arrived. The Badlands are a place where I have seen some of my most spectacular sunrises. We were not disappointed on this morning.



Just as I was leaving for another location a Bighorn Ram came walking into the picture.


As the sun continued to rise we started driving alone the park road toward the east entrance to the park.




We drove off on the road to the Conata Picnic Area. We were amazed to hear a chorus of frogs. I’ve hiked in the Badlands many times and have never heard or seen a frog. Later we checked and there are six different frogs found in the Badlands. With all of the rain this spring they were having a great time. As we drove along we could see it was dark in the west. It made a nice contrast to the rocks.


As we drove back toward the west entrance to the park we encountered some Bighorn Sheep grazing along the road. There was a ewe and Lamb in the group. These were probably some of the same sheep we had seen the evening before.


More photos from the Badlands can be found on my website.


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  1. WOW! These are exceptional images – I love a good sunrise and this landscape really show it off so well. Wonderful 🙂

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