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We took a western vacation this again this year. My wife argues that we retired people don’t take vacations. Ok so we took a western trip. I’ll be writing about our western trip in the blog as I have a chance to process the photos.

Our first stop was in at Badlands National Park. After arriving in Wall, South Dakota we grabbed a bite to eat and then headed out into the park. We were hoping to catch a dramatic sunset and we weren’t disappointed.


We were amazed at how much water was standing around. Much of the west has received record amounts of rain this spring. We lucked out because it was not raining when we were in the park but there were still clouds on the western horizon.


As we drove through the park the colors gradually became more dramatic as sunset approached.


At one point we encountered a couple of Mule Deer grazing along the road.


Just as we were leaving the park we encountered some Bighorn Sheep walking along the rock formations and silhouetted against the western sky. They had three lambs with them. The lambs were chasing each other along the rock formations. Unfortunately it was too dark to get a great photo.


More photos from the Badlands can be found on my website.

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