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It was a beautiful sunny day so we decided to take a road trip up the Minnesota North Shore. Our final destination was the Canadian border. Our first stop was West Split Rock River Falls.West-Split-Rock-River-Falls-15-4-_2360

I knew it was going to be a difficult day for waterfall photography. Ideal condition for waterfall photography is an overcast day. It looked like our entire trip to the Canadian Border. The bright sunlight creates dark and light areas around the falls. It also made it difficult to slow the speed down to create the silky feel to the waterfall that I like. There was a small rainbow at the falls.


In order to photograph the falls I decided to bracket my photos of the falls in order to better capture the dynamic range in the scene. I would later merge these three photos in Photomatrix Pro. The second problem required the use of a variable neutral density filter in order to slow the speed down to create a silky feel to the water. I wasn’t totally happy with the overall results photographing waterfalls on a bright sunny day is difficult at best.


More photos from Split Rock State Park can be found on my website.

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