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They Eastern Bluebirds returned about three weeks ago and started hanging around one of my bird houses. They had the houses to themselves until last week when the Tree Swallows returned.

Eastern Bluebird male

Eastern Bluebird male

This year the battle didn’t last long. The bluebirds were much more aggressive in protecting their turf. At one point the male bluebird jumped on one of the swallows and took it to the ground. That seemed to end the conflict and the bluebirds reigned supreme.

Eastern Bluebird male 12-4-_0746

Yesterday I noticed the Bluebirds were starting to bring nesting materials to the house. The male keeps a lookout and the female brings in the nesting material.


Eastern Bluebird female 12-4-_0784 (2)


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  1. These are so beautiful. Thx for sharing them!

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