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Visiting the Eelpout Festival in Walker, Minnesota has been on my bucket list for some time. I had see videos from the festival on Jay Leno and the twin cities TV stations so I wanted to see what is was all about. I thought it was about the fishing but it appears to be all about grown men drinking and acting like children.

The favorite pastime for participants at the event seemed to be getting drunk. Things were relatively quiet in the mornings when everyone seemed to be recovering from the night before. After lunch folks started moving about and acting silly.

In the Eelpout was a secondary interest for the folks participating in the event. There were actually some Eelpout caught and brought to the weigh in station. All of the fish were weighed in and then brought over to a research project where they were attempting to identify the age and sex of the fish caught.Eelpout-Festival-15-2-_2701




We didn’t stay around for most of the activities because they were clearly geared for the younger crowd and involved a lot of drinking. One thing we did watch was the Eelpout curling event. Since it didn’t involve drinking it was not a very popular event.



It looked like many of the folks had arrived early and they had set up rather large camps with the fish houses setup in a circle with a common area in between.




Another popular pastime at the festival was riding around on strange contraptions filled with folks drinking.





Some of the folks had gone to great lengths to dress up for the for the occasion. These fellows were just returning from the local radio station where they had been interviewed. Even the dogs dressed up.




Sexism was rampant at the festival. Probably because it was largely a crowd of young people. As I recall there were at least five large beer tents at the event. These did not include the local beer places setup by individuals.



All I had to do was point my camera and I would get a standard greeting of an upraised hand with a beer attached.



Having attended the festival once I can check it off my bucket list. Clearly it’s not something I will be attending again. More photos from the Eelpout Festival can be found on my website.


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