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About a month ago we started hearing a strange sound several times a week. It was a thumping sound and I told my wife it was the neighbor chopping wood. I opened the window and listened and once went outside to see what was going on. I still thought it was the neighbor chopping wood.

This morning it started up again. I told my wife that it was the neighbor chopping wood again but had my doubts because the day before I noticed the neighbor now had a gas powered wood splitter out by his wood pile.

I felt the window frame and could feel a slight vibration with each bang.  I thought it might be a Palliated Woodpecker banging on the roof but I hadn’t see one around this winter. Whatever was making the sound was making a lot of noise. I decided to go outside and look around.

As I walked past the basement door I heard a sound coming from the basement. I was totally puzzled now. I walked down into the basement and found a Pheasant banging on the basement window. That was the last thing I expected to see.

Now I was concerned that he could break the window. He moved to a second window and started banging on it. I finally walked over and chased him away.Pheasant-15-2-_1312

About 10 minutes later my wife said she heard it again. I went down to the basement and found he had moved around the house to another window. I went back and grabbed my camera to get a picture of him banging on the window before chasing him away.




  1. Priceless captures! Framing not required… 🙂

  2. How amazing. I had one follow me for about an hour once whilst I was walking over the moors. They taste like chicken – so I am told 😉

    • I tried to take a nap this afternoon and he woke me up three times. If he keeps it up I’ll find out if he tastes like chicken.

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