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A friend mentioned that there was a Northern Hawk Owl hanging out in a neighborhood on the south side of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. A non-birder first saw it and took a photos. A birder identified it as a Northern Hawk Owl. They are rarely seen in this area.Northern-Hawk-Owl-15-1-_2831

My wife and I were in Eau Claire on business earlier in the week. When we finished we headed down to the neighborhood where the Hawk Owl had been spotted. We weren’t optimistic that we would find it unless there were birders around or it was being harassed by crows.

We drove around all of the roads and couldn’t find him. As were leaving a bird flew in front of the car and landed in a pine tree. It was Lars, so named by the locals because he was hanging around Lars Road. I grabbed the camera and managed to get one shot before he few off.


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