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My wife and I have made a couple of road trips up the Minnesota side of the Mississippi and down the Wisconsin side looking for Bald Eagles. On the first trip the weather was warm and there was quite a bit of open water but only a couple of eagle at Reads Landing and a couple at Covill Park in Redwing, Minnesota. On our return from Redwing we drove past the Nelson Ice Sculptures along the Rush River. We didn’t expect to see much because the weather had been so warm. We mainly saw the pipes sticking out of the ground with a little ice on them. Click here for more information on the Nelson Ice Sculptures.


About a week later, after a cold stretch of weather, we made a second trip along the Mississippi River looking for Bald Eagles. Our first stop was Reads Landing where we hoped to see some eagles and have lunch at the Reads Landing Brewing Company. As it turned out there was only a sing Bald Eagle in a tree, not worth getting the camera out for. The Brewery was closed for remodeling until February 5th so we headed back to Wabasha for a hardy bowl of Irish stew at Olde Triangle Pub .


After lunch we drove on to Covill Park in Redwing. This time we were skunked. There was not a single eagle to be found although it looked like there was much more ice on the river than on our earlier visit. We did see one immature eagle flying as we pulled out of the park.


Our last stop of the day was at the Nelson Ice Sculptures. It was a big change from the previous visit where the water pipes were sticking out of the ground with only a little ice around them. I wanted to see what they looked like early in the formation when they had a little more definition to them and there would be quite a bit of water squirting out of them. It was below zero so I only spent about a half an hour walking around taking photos. It was well worth the visit.


More ice sculptures can be found on my website.


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